Have your voice heard on 8th June

The UK general election is fast approaching and I wanted to say my piece to make sure that you use your voice. Amongst my friends, it is a very tricky subject. Not because we have polarising opinions, but because it’s actually really hard to choose a party we genuinely feel represents our views – politicians can often all seem as bad as each other.

But it is really important that you use your vote – there are lots of resources that might help you decide:

You should also spend some time reading through each party’s manifestos to work out which one is your preference.

Of course, there are also other ways of getting involved in politics, such as getting involved with online forums or supporting organisations who lobby for change.  But it is critical to use your vote as well, particularly if you are a young person.

Voting gives you the opportunity to get your voice heard,  don’t miss it.

Other good stuff to check out:



What do you think?

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