How to Survive Exam Season

I am fast approaching the end of my degree – mixed feelings fill my brain on a daily basis about that. Although I am organised, I am also a huge worrier and find this period of the academic year really challenging. So,  I thought  I would share some tips on how to survive exam and deadline season.

Here’s some advice:

Self-care is SO important at this time. Look after yourself.

Every day set yourself some goals about the work you want to achieve

Find out when and how you work best – and stick to it! Are you a night owl or lark? Do you work better on your own or with friends?

Be realistic about your expectations. If you have been working towards a particular grade all year, chances are this is what you’re going to get

Work for 20-30 mins then have a break. Keep the breaks short and regular (I never used to believe this, but trust me, it actually works!)

Don’t spend more time making a pretty revision table and selecting stationery than on your actual revision

Make it fun – I find A3 paper and sharpies provide a lot of entertainment

Book/plan something for the end of exam season which you can look forward to

If you really can’t concentrate and you feel crap, take a break and call a friend

Keep your surroundings tidy!

Get dressed in the morning – it can be tempting to stay in your PJs all day, but studies show you concentrate better when you have made the effort to get ready

Use all of the resources available to you – ask your lecturer/teacher questions, go to your library and read through your notes

Concentrate on the topics that you’re less confident with or dislike the most, then move onto the areas you like



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