YouTubers I Like

It is no secret that we are spending more time on the internet and watching shows by Netflix rather than sitting down in front of the TV. I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube, almost every day I watch vlogs and ‘Favourites’ videos by people I don’t even like. Why do I bother? I think it’s addictive and I am sure there are studies out there to prove it. It makes me pretty uncomfortable that a majority of the mainstream, super popular YouTubers are pretty hush hush about real life events and issues – you should read Caitlin’s blog about whether Influencers have a social responsibility (we vote yes).

However, there are some YouTubers that produce valuable and genuinely good quality videos that I feel inject a little positivity and insight into my day. So, in this blog I decided to share them with you! Enjoy and please let me know who you’re enjoying watching.

  • Leena Norms 

Leena chats about books, feminism, her thoughts and how to try to be a better person. Her channel is witty, relaxed and insightful.


  • Laci Green

Laci’s channel is all about Sex Ed, politics and social inequalities.

  • dodie

Dodie’s main channel features creative covers, original songs and cool projects. She also talks about mental health, sexuality and other interesting stuff.

  • Hannah Witton

Hannah’s videos are about sex, relationships, travel and other bits and bobs. She has a “Drunk Advice” series and also recently did “Vlognukah”.

  • Ash Hardell 

Ash’s channel is extremely educational, heart warming and beautifully constructed. I particularly enjoy the ABC’s of LGBT series and slam poetry videos.


  •  Noah Guthrie 

Only1Noah is one of the first YouTube channels I started to watch regularly. He does the most beautiful covers and also has an album out.


Oh, one last one! I know I said I wasn’t as keen on the more popular YouTubers, however I do think Louise Pentland (a.k.a Sprinkle of Glitter) is pretty awesome.


What do you think?

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