2016 has been a bit of a mess in lots of ways. Political turmoil and events of horror have been hitting us left, right and centre. It is easy to get swallowed up by the negativity and hate that seems to be ever increasing.

But we have to remain strong, stand together and continue our fight for a better world. Within this, it is important to focus on the positive moments in our bubbles and use them to push us forward.

So, today I am going to share some of my personal favourite moments of 2016.

  • Balfour Primary School & Aldrich Collection Community Project
  • Completing my Placement Year
  • Extreme Canyoning in North Wales
  • Project Lunar – gender inclusive guest blogger series talking about menstruation.
  • Starting to learn to play the Ukulele


We can only hope for a better year next year. On a personal level, a lot will change. I will graduate from university, (hopefully) move out and start the next chapter with my partner and best friend.

My advice is to do good, treat people nicely and all in all, don’t be a dick.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year



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