GUEST BLOG: John’s Road to Volunteering

In this guest blog, John talks a little bit about his story and a new exciting project!


If you asked me the one thing I adore in life and my answer would be giving my time to others.

It’s what I was born to do and after finding my vocation, my love for social action has continued to grow.


Even though I’ve been in the charity sector now for nearly 4 years, it only feels like yesterday I signed up for my first volunteering role and how my life was about to change for good.

The moment I walked through the doors being greeted by an array of smiles, my first role told me a story. A story that we have the power to use our lives helping others live theirs and how our negative pasts can actually be the tool to make the difference.

Before I go on, Hi! I’m John, Founder of John’s Road to Volunteering and a global ambassador for volunteering. John’s Road to Volunteering tells a story; my story and how I’m using this to help others to start their journey.

This is why something BIG is coming! I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals, groups and charities around the world, since creating John’s Road to Volunteering and my 2017 is all about giving back in the only way I know…IN A BIG WAY!

I’ve done the small projects, and I’ve written content daily, yet I always strive for more. I like challenging myself in a way, my dedication and passion is put to the test and with JRTV100 launching on January 1st, it’s bound to be my most influence challenge.

What? Why? When? How? Who?

What – JRTV100 is quite simple…John’s Road to Volunteering’s 100 charity challenge.

Why – Why not? In other words, I’ve given my time already in the past as a volunteer and as a blogger, why wouldn’t I do all I could for 100 charities.

When – JRTV100 has no set time-frame. I’m going to enjoy working with charities, groups, anyone in the charity sector really without the added pressure of time. My time will be spent helping others.

How – This’ll be agreed with the charity. Whether it’s helping at an event, becoming an ambassador for a programme, helping others get active, the opportunities are endless.

Who – Anyone that needs help.

It’s a simple concept, but it’ll be a project everyone involved in will remember.

I believe I’m on this planet to be the voice and this project is only another example of why you should believe in yourself and what you can do for others.

JRTV100 is coming and you can be part of it! Follow my journey over at or find me on Twitter @JohnRdtoVol.


What do you think?

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