Project Lunar: Another Bodily Function

In this blog, Brenda talks about periods and the frustration it causes when people are grossed out by such a natural bodily function…

For whatever reason, periods provoke squeamishness and disgust in its purest and most extreme form. Why? I do not know. Periods are just that, periods. It’s natural, it’s a part of human nature, and it’s just the way bodies function. It’s pretty much the same concept as the way our fingers move typing on a keyboard or the way our eyebrows scrunch together in disdain or confusion. It’s just natural, end of story.

For this reason, I never understood why periods were and are such a taboo topic. Is it the fact that blood is literally pouring out of our vaginas? Is it the fact that it’s just that, blood? Is it the fact that the first drop of blood in between our legs is the surefire sign that puberty is coming our way? What is the reason for the appalled reactions at the sound of “period?”

I mean, you’d think that the fact that more than half of the world’s population goes through periods that it wouldn’t be considered taboo but apparently it is. Maybe time hasn’t progressed enough to forget the ridiculous and totally false concept that  people who had periods were summoned by the devil. I definitely do not think that those who have periods are demonic because, well, it’s just not true. But it also might be that periods are considered unclean and simply dirty, which is also not true. Yes, there may be a bloody mess in the bathroom one day or another but it’s natural!

Despite all the shame or embarrassment that MAY come with a period, it all comes down to the fact that periods are natural and there really is nothing to be ashamed about, especially if more than ONE-HALF of the people on earth go through it.


About Brenda Liang

“I’m Brenda Liang, a 16 year old blogger over at Just as a little ice breaker, here’s a few facts about me.

  1. I take short (3 minute) showers.
  2. I relish in nothing more than taking my bra off after a long day.
  3. I find so much joy and glory in putting on my makeup.”

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A big thank you to Georgia Grace Gibson for the feature image for this post: “I Don’t Only Have Glitter in My Veins”, 2013


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