Balfour Primary School & Aldrich Collection Project

I am thrilled to announce my latest project with the Aldrich Collection and Balfour Primary School.

The project aims to raise awareness of the Aldrich Collection and to inspire the children of Balfour with real works of art and working with local artists to produce their own interpretations of pieces in the Collection. The art will be created during an “Art Week”, where each year group will have a dedicated piece of art. These masterpieces will then be displayed at the Balfour’s Art Open House on 21st May as part of the Brighton Festival.

The Collection aims to promote the University’s “rich portfolio of courses in arts and design” and to encourage community interest in the visual arts.

Marcelo Staricoff , Head Teacher at Balfour Primary School says “When the idea of collaborating with the Aldrich Collection first emerged, I was really thrilled as I felt it would be a great way to enrich the experiences of our children, staff and families. I also thought that developing such an exciting partnership could be part of our long term strategy and not just a one off initiative.”.

John Lord – Runaway Rollerskate



10:00 —15:00

Balfour Primary School Balfour Road Brighton BN1 6NE




Be sure to follow @Balfourprimary, @maldrichwincer & @thfutureperfect on Twitter regular updates on the project!


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