Keeping a Journal

I have always loved writing. Writing my thoughts, plans and lists in lovely notebooks is probably one of my favourite things to do. So when I received the “One Line a Day”- A Five Year Memory Book for my birthday last year I was thrilled. Despite enjoying writing, I have never been able to consistently keep a journal for longer than a holiday. I’m not really sure why… I think it’s because I felt pressured to write lots about my day. However, this little book is perfect. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, it also only gives me a limited amount of space per day. Relieving that pressure and forcing me to select the best or worst parts of my day to jot down. It also means I can compare what I have done on each day in a years time, for up to 5 years!

Through using this book I have learnt the many benefits of keeping a diary. Which I thought I would share as I think people of all ages and genders could also benefit.

First of all it is good writing practice. It gives you the opportunity to test the water with different writing styles and you learn to communicate your feelings with the written word; and with the rise of digital devices society finds itself less likely to pick up a pen and paper. Although there are lots of apps that you can use to keep a diary, which are probably also worth investigating.

One of my favourite things about keeping a journal is that it makes me think about what I have really enjoyed in my day, reminding me to appreciate my time; however it also makes me acknowledge the bad bits too. I try not to shy away from negative feelings and jot down a line or two about what I didn’t enjoy or if I got upset. I think it’s a good way to regulate your feelings and responses to situations. I reckon this must be a good behaviour to learn! In turn, this can be really therapeutic; writing your feelings down at the end of the day (I do my journal just before I go to bed), and then starting again fresh the next day.

Journaling can also be a really good way of learning to understand yourself better. It is a method of practicing reflection and monitoring your personal growth. You will see patterns of what makes you happy and sad. The good days and the bad days will have similarities which you will be able to learn from. I think that’s pretty cool! Especially if you look back in years to come. You will be able to see, in writing, how you have grown as a person.

Lastly, diaries can be a smart way of winning arguments…. Writing down conversations and exchanges of information might come in handy when you’re arguing with loved ones. This could be brilliant or perhaps a little dangerous…. You decide.

To conclude, I think journalling is worth a shot, even if you only get as far as buying a gorgeous leather notebook.


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