Eastbourne Designed for All: 5 Benefits of being an Inclusive Business

Eastbourne Designed for All is a campaign to help businesses in Eastbourne meet local consumers’ needs more effectively. The campaign aims to work with local businesses to achieve a more inclusive and accessible Eastbourne as we believe that businesses are in the position to make a real difference in local communities.

But like all business decisions, you need to know that there will be a return on investment. So today we have put together 5 benefits of being an inclusive business.

1.      Sales and Customer Loyalty

Did you know that a survey found that 83% of consumers will switch their service provider for better assistance and accessibility?

When customers feel comfortable in your environment, they are much more likely to return and recommend your services. There are many case studies that have shown that when companies invest in accessibility, they open their doors to new markets. This means that if you invest in inclusivity you are likely to see in increase in sales and customer loyalty.

2.       Creates a Positive Organisational Culture

Being inclusive will also benefit your employees. You will begin to create a culture that celebrates inclusivity and diversity. This is likely to make your company desirable to work for as well as giving your employees a sense of purpose and pride.

3.      Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Every business is trying to get their name out there and often it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you are working towards being inclusive and engaging with your local community to improve the services you provide, you are likely to gain access to positive media coverage.

4.      Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more businesses are beginning to take CSR more seriously. Consumers are also much more aware of the ethics behind the businesses they work with and buy from. We expect more from businesses. Therefore by being inclusive and considering your consumers’ needs when making decisions, your organisation will be seen to be acting responsibly. Furthermore, consumers will also get a sense of “doing good” when they use your products and services.

5.  The Bigger Picture

Finally, by investing in being an inclusive and accessible business, you are contributing towards a better society.

Eastbourne Designed for All offers Eastbourne businesses support and resources that allow them to be more inclusive. Get in touch if you would like to become a member of our campaign.


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