Good Management

A good manager can make all the difference in terms of productivity, motivation and organisational culture.

I have experienced a real mixture of managers. Every manager has their own style and vision for what they hope to achieve.

An important yet difficult thing to understand about management is that there is no right way. Not only for the manager, but for who’s being managed. Some people prefer their manager to be authoritative and to tell them exactly what to do. Others like their management to encourage independence and the creation of fresh ideas.

As my degree is in business management, it’s really important for me to reflect on the type of manager I would like to become. Today I thought I would share some of my thoughts.

Here are 10 characteristics I think a good manager should have:

  1. A good sense of humour: one of my biggest beliefs is that you have to make sure you enjoy what you do and that you can laugh at yourself – life is stressful enough! There is a line when it comes to humour and professionalism, but it makes the working environment much more comfortable when you can have a giggle.
  2. Supportive through success and failure: a good manager should be able to give praise. They also need to support employees when things go wrong and mistakes are made.
  3. Decisive: for businesses to grow and for things to move forward, decisions need to be made. Ultimately decision making power lies with management. You need to trust that they will make the right decisions, at the right time.
  4. Fairness: this links to number 3, trusting that your manager will make the right decisions. They must make fair decisions that will provide a positive outcome for the business and everyone involved.
  5. A team player with excellent communication skills: managers must feel and work as one of the team. Even though a hierarchy is often in place for a reason, this should only really become visible when decisions needs to be made or when problems arise. It’s also important that they are accessible, it should be easy to ask your manager questions and chat with them about issues when they come up.
  6. Ambitious: managers need to have ambition for employees and the organisation as a whole.
  7. Innovative: to keep employees motivated, managers have to inject fresh ideas and ways to make everyone’s jobs easier and more productive.
  8. ValuingĀ career development: managers should understand the importance of training and career development for employees. Everyone wants to grow in their job, managers should accommodate this.
  9. CSR awareness: organisations play a big part in the economy and society- that’s a big responsibility. Businesses have the power to do good and managers should use their position to make positive changes.
  10. Adaptable management style for the needs of the team: as I mentioned earlier, everyone prefers different management styles. Managers need to recognise this and learn how to be as adaptable as possible for employees.

What do you think makes a good manager? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @maldrichwincer.


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