My Veg Patch

IMG_4839 I recently wrote a guest blog for Eleanor Owens Gardening, check it out:

“At the beginning of the summer we decided that we should start a vegetable patch in the garden. With the space and the experience of Eleanor Owens on side, we began to plan our patch.

There is something very appealing about becoming self sustainable – cooking with ingredients that you have watched and nurtured from seed. Lovely.

We decided to build two 1.5m x 2m raised beds made from timber. After marking out the space, we had to remove the turf. My goodness was that hard work. I have to admit I left most of that to Eleanor… We then had to order the timber. That was also an experience. When we went to the timber merchant we entered a very male dominated environment that wasn’t particularly accommodating – but I will save my feminist rant for another time.

After putting together the structure and filling the bed with compost, we began planning what to plant. I wanted a mixture of flowers and vegetables that would make our vegetable patch both aesthetically pleasing and bee friendly.

As we ended up planting quite late in the season, we managed to grow runner beans, sweet peas, pumpkins, courgettes, carrots, parsnips and lettuce.

Next year we are planning to build a living arch between the beds, and grow a more diverse range of produce.

So far I have really enjoyed it. It’s very therapeutic to garden and there was a real sense of achievement for us. In the process I have learnt a lot about growing your own veg and how to use power tools!”

Eleanor’s blog has some great content and beautiful photography, make sure you take a look! 


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