My Favourite Doing Good Campaigns

As a Business and Marketing student, I am interested in the ways in which organisations communicate their brand to consumers. I have therefore decided to feature 3 of my favourite advertisements from some of the organisations I love (with a few points explaining why they appealed to me)- enjoy!

1. Innocent is a company I have loved for a very long time. They offer a great range of products, but more importantly they value business ethics and doing good. This advertisement is raising awareness of their “Big Knit” campaign in partnership with Age UK, a really brilliant idea. I liked the way the video was edited, filmed and the people that featured (a huge variety of knitters!). An effective campaign that everyone can get involved in easily!

2. Save the Children’s “Most Shocking Second a Day Video” quickly went viral. I think it was a really clever way to get the British public thinking beyond their own bubble. One of the best ways to make individuals care about a cause is by making the audience think “what if that were me?”- overall a really innovate advert that got people thinking.

3. The Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” campaign video is probably my favourite to date. The campaign is aiming to tackle discrimination and encourage tolerance for people from all backgrounds. You know by now that I am passionate about equality for all. The video speaks for itself and is simply beautiful.

What are your favourite doing good campaigns? Tweet me them at @maldrichwincer!


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