The Rules of Brainstorming

As part of my degree, I am often expected to work in groups to come up with fresh ideas. I have learnt that having to be innovative and creative on the spot is actually remarkably challenging. Especially at 9am.

Recently we discussed the theory behind brainstorming, it was really useful and I thought it might help any uninspired students to come up with their next big idea.

The rules of brainstorming are as follows:

  • Encourage wild ideas regardless of how unrealistic they may be.
  • When working in groups, listen to everyone and build on each other’s ideas.
  • Do not defer judgement or criticise other’s ideas.
  • Focus on the topic or objective in hand.
  • Quantity rather than quality at the beginning, you can always develop ideas later.
  • Trying to be visual (even if you’re hopeless at drawing) can engage the logical and creative side of the brain!

I also think it is helpful to try and identify a problem or frustration you personally have and develop ideas which could address this.

You need to appreciate that it will probably be a long process, but eventually you will get there. Try and enjoy the journey!

dff brainstorming

Have you got your own tips for coming up with ideas? Tweet me them at @maldrichwincer! 


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