HEADSHOT4I am currently embroiled in the challenging process of looking for an industry placement as part of my degree. I am currently studying for my BSc Business Management & Marketing degree at the University of Sussex. An important part of this search is really understanding what I want from my year in industry. I would like to work within an organisation that is in line with my value system. I am passionate about equality, business ethics and social change. I would like my placement to be in Marketing or involve work that contributes towards social good.

What would my ideal placement look like?

  • Social Media (incl. blogging and social media campaigns).
  • Copywriting marketing materials
  • Strategy (incl. implementation)
  • Making a difference (not necessarily a charity/NGO)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics orientated
  • Working with passionate people

I want my placement to help me along my career path by allowing me to gain experience and skills. Furthermore, I do not want to limit myself to Non Profits, as I think all organisations have the power to create change. I am excited to see where my placement year will take me!

If you know of any opportunities in the Sussex or London area and would like to get in contact, please email me at: mollyaw@hotmail.co.uk or tweet me at @maldrichwincer.

You can also find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mollyaldrichwincer.


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