Inclusive Networks

I would like to introduce my latest project. I am now officially a blogger for “Inclusive Networks” (IN):

Inclusive Networks aims to bring networks of all diversity strands together, to learn from each other, to share, to collaborate and most importantly, to celebrate the many successes of network groups, the people who make them come alive and the employers and organisations who support them and help them flourish.”

They have involvement with a diverse range of fantastic projects and organisations, such as Ditch the Label, Mind and Scope.

For all my IN blogs, I will link directly to their site. This will hopefully allow you to keep updated on all their other work/blogs and inform you of ways in which you can get involved.

Check out their site here.

Go follow them on twitter at @incnetworks and also have a look at Out in the UK, another strand of Inclusive Networks at @outintheuk.

Being able to work with an organisation that encompasses so many of my own views and values is such an exciting opportunity. I will be posting my first IN piece “Education on the Big Stuff” very soon, so keep your eyes peeled..



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