Ageing Innovation Project


I am excited to share with you my latest project: Designing for the Future’s Ageing Innovation’. The idea is to showcase innovative products that combat the challenges of ageing; some of those featuring include Designing for the Future alumni such as Chloe Meineck and her memory box. We also intend to highlight other interesting innovations in this exciting market. The series will be displayed on index style information cards that we will be promoting on social media platforms, running over a number of weeks.

One aim of the project is to promote the idea that good and inclusive design can successfully tackle issues surrounding ageing. We also wish to encourage ageing as a talking point for everyone regardless of age and occupation.

Caitlin Aldrich-Wincer, recent BA Hons Digital Media graduate put together our design, follow her at @Caitlin_AW and have a look at her other work here.

Moreover, this is first of many projects that Digital Champion @eleanorowens95 (  and I will be undertaking; we are looking into recruiting more Designing for the Future members as of January 2015. If you think you might be interested in getting involved, contact me at

Our hashtag for the project will be #ageinginnovation. Make sure you take part, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.



What do you think?

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