Generation Z:The Graduate

This weeks blogger is Caitlin. A recent graduate talks about her university experience and what she’s learnt.

“School, college, university, that was the order I knew my educational journey would go. I always knew I would go to university because it would be the gateway into my dream career, or so I thought. I did a degree in Digital Media Design and I learned a lot. I learned about industry practice, how to use Adobe Creative Suite and that in order to succeed in my career I needed to take control and be proactive. As you move higher through education you receive less and less guidance, this can be a good and a bad thing; what it does mean is that if you are not proactive you will not progress. If I could go back to my first year of university and do it again I would have worked as hard as I did in second and third year. First year doesn’t count and knowing this caused me to think that socialising could take centre stage and I pushed my work to the side. I did pass my first year, but getting in the work habits early would have helped me greatly later on in my degree.

Now that I have graduated I am now in the process of working out what my first career move will be. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as point and shoot. Like most graduates I am applying to multiple companies and often not even getting an acknowledgement, this can be very demotivating. I am also finding that in order to climb the career ladder to get to where you want to be you have to do a lot of work unpaid, which after paying thousands to go to university isn’t always doable.

Luckily all throughout university I worked on my CV, getting involved in jobs and projects that I was passionate about so I am in a better position than most. My plan now is to find a job that I love and that will help me develop and progress my talent and passion.”

Caitlin has just graduated with a First from university and (finally) secured her first graduate job! You can find her on Twitter @Caitlin_AW.


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