The joke’s on who?

Of course I would be wrong if I said there was no humour in the process of getting older. Everyone and anyone can appreciate that. But when does it go too far?

Some of my favourite shows have resorted to using older people to get some laughs. Such as ‘Miranda’ and the ‘Inbetweeners’, but I think really good, talented writers and comedians should be able to go beyond cracking jokes about ‘smelly old people’ not only is this a massive stereotype but also extremely offensive.  Stereotyping is dangerous. With an ageing population we should be challenging assumptions not reinforcing them, especially if it’s only for easy entertainment.

There are also programmes more recently using a mixture of older people and younger people, however almost playing them against each other. Either through quizzes or pranks. This seems to be creating a wider gap between the two groups. When actually we should be encouraging more communication and multigenerational projects. In order to create not only an effective and progressing society, but a more enjoyable one!

We have a lot to teach each other.

Comedy is all about making people laugh. Whether that’s stand up comedians or funny sitcoms. Their job is to make us giggle. But personally, I don’t think comedy should marginalise any group of people.



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