We’ve all experienced the awkwardness of inductions. Whether that’s your first lesson of term at school or college, intro seminars at uni or even team building induction days at work. Nervously entering the room and trying to find a good seat. All the ‘first impression’ statistics whirling around in your head, therefore causing you to erratically try and appear a certain way. We’ve all been there. Of course there is the chucking of the fury toy across the room and trying to be funny and innovative when asked “tell the group something interesting about yourself!”. Then immediately regretting your choice of statement.

What I want to highlight is the usefulness of the embarrassing and often random games/activities we are forced to do. We all hate them. But they work. They break the ice. We relax and it brings people out of their shells, helps us to learn names and what everyone is like. Of course there is often the odd intimidating individual in the room who makes you overthink your every action. There is also the other end of the scale, the painfully shy person who blushes if you even blink in their direction. But hopefully, if these induction sessions are done right, they bring everyone to the same level. Reassure us that we are all in the same boat.

I think my personal advice is to try and be as confident as you feel you can. Friendliness goes a long way and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Have you got any entertaining stories of your own experience at induction sessions? Leave a comment or tweet me at @maldrichwincer!


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