Protecting Our Parents

With an ageing demographic, you’d think there would be a lot more programmes and documentaries like BBC two’s Protecting Our Parents. That the high street would be filled to the brim with inclusively designed products and the media would be screaming important statistics and information we all need to consider. So far, we haven’t seen too much of this.

But I feel (hopefully!) this is about to change. Protecting Our Parents is, although heart breaking, an excellent way to make people think about the challenges ageing can and will bring to our grandparents, parents and even ourselves. I think it also proved a need for society to rethink a few things, mainly our stereotypes of older people and most importantly, design. There is a strong need for when thinking up designs for sofas, coffee cups and even shopping centres and public toilets to consider everyone. We need inclusive design that is accessible for everyone. Regardless of physical ability and age.

Protecting Our Parents is an eye opening and on point snapshot of reality. Raising crucial issues that will apply to ALL of us in the future, if not right now. The best way to deal with these issues? Think ahead of the game, plan and prepare.


Tune in for part 2 of Protecting Our Parents tonight at 9pm BBC2!

(Watch part 1 here:

If you’re interested in the challenges of ageing, take a look at the Designing for the Future project (@DesigningFuture) by clicking here.





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