“If you had to vote tomorrow, who would you vote for?”

Having only turned 18 last August, I am yet to have had the chance to vote. So when my dad asked me “If you had to vote tomorrow, who would you vote for?”, earlier today, it really got me thinking. I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that I do not know much about politics. School and college taught me the odd fact and brief descriptions. The news informs me of the most recent happenings, however I don’t usually feel that urged to do intense research and what not- unless it’s something particularly relevant or interesting to me.

So, who would I vote for? I’m not sure. I don’t think that I would agree enough with anyone to vote for them. I don’t feel any party completely represents me- which is what democracy is all about, right? Voting for a party who you feel will fight for things you are passionate about.

I know what I care about and what I feel should be prioritised by our government. For example, I believe in equality, giving back and opportunities for everyone. I care about the environment, education and healthcare. I guess I do my bit by addressing things I feel are important on an individual level. Many would argue, in turn this could make a real change. I do feel this is true to an extent. But surely I should feel I can directly get involved with issues I care about, on a bigger scale.

I think that politics should be more accessible for young people. We are the next generation who will eventually be ‘in charge’. We should know more about our leaders and also how to directly get involved. Parties should be actively trying to reach all individuals. Of course we are told the textbook methods such as writing to a local MP and petitions. But I don’t feel that these methods have been renewed for a long time. I don’t think that you should have to research hours on end to learn more about politics and how to make a difference.

I do believe that it is really important to vote,it is a privilege that many are denied. However, I think that there really are many flaws in the system.



2 thoughts on ““If you had to vote tomorrow, who would you vote for?”

  1. I had the same dilemma when I was younger. I wasn’t and still am not into politics, so I basically voted based off the character traits I saw in the politicians. For instance, the politics into the “mud slinging” tactic of campaigning showed me a great deal of immaturity and I wasn’t impressed.
    One thing I noticed about voting and politics is that it’s ran by money, tax-payers, homebuyers, the “1%”, and so on. In my opinion most politicians don’t really care about the youth entering the world of politics because ultimately they don’t trust us with votes.
    You have to exercise your rights, but on your terms.


    • I definitely think young people need to be more involved and encouraged to care and learn about politics. I completely agree with your last point- exercising your rights on your terms. Thank you for your comment, it’s great to hear what other’s think!


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