Experience is Everything

If ‘Professional Worrier’ was an acceptable occupation to have on my LinkedIn profile, no doubt I would have it. I overthink every decision I make and am almost always cringing at things I say and do- especially when I’m nervous. However! I have recently been struck with an important realisation. Every single day is always going to be filled with good and bad. And that’s a positive thing. Every mistake or regretful goofy moment, is something to learn from.

It is all experience

Over the last week, I have had two important meetings. I was incredibly nervous for both of them, yet they were both very successful. Although I had some hiccups, I still achieved what I set out to achieve. It was a huge confidence boost for me and I think I am ready to take on more challenges, with a little less anxiety. 

As a young person, trying to start my professional career, I need to gain as much experience as I possibly can. Every opportunity is valuable. It’s okay for things to not always go perfectly, as long as I evaluate and improve for next time. 

It’s also crucial to have a giggle at my silly moments. Perfection is overrated anyway. 


4 thoughts on “Experience is Everything

  1. I’ve already tweeted that your writing style is really enjoyable, and I completely agree with the philosophy of what you say. Authenticity is worth much more than a perfection that doesn’t exist anyway.


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