My Heroine

I was recently asked to write a small piece for a Digital Media Design student’s end of year show project (I will hopefully be able to post a link to the complete project soon, as I’m pretty sure it will turn out brilliantly!). Anyway! Here’s my piece, the brief was to write about a Heroine of mine: 

My Mother

Now before you cringe and tell me I’m a cliché, let me tell you about my beautiful mother. Easily one of the most influential and inspiring women in my life. She embodies everything I wish to grow into and I am so proud of her. She is successful in all walks of life. She cares about every single person that she encounters and will do anything for anyone if they approach her for help (this happens a lot!). She values kindness and the power of the smile. Although extremely intelligent, she always has a hunger to learn new things. She is a natural leader but equally a team player.

One of the most important things she taught me is that my gender should not impact my chances of success. Her expertise began in one of the most sexist industries- yet she achieved incredible things, at the top, alongside egotistical males. I have never thought, “but women don’t do that”. I know that I can be whoever I want and do whatever I please. All because of my lovely mother.


 Who do you admire and why?


What do you think?

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