Multigenerational Living

In the summer, my family and I moved into my grandparents house. It’s hard to explain the physical arrangement of it all. However, I do want to say how happy we all are! Multigenerational living is not a new concept, if you look back through time,  it was a social norm which lots of families were a part of.

With an ageing population,families have to consider ways in which to look after all their relatives (of all ages!). Unfortunately not every family is able to incorporate multigenerational living into their lifestyles like we could. As I am at university, I love the fact that my house is full of my lovely family. It’s always felt like ‘mothership’. I think it’s made relationships throughout my family stronger and it also comforts me that I know they are all safe, together and looking after each other.

Of course multigenerational living isn’t the only solution and it doesn’t suit everyone! However for us, it was the perfect fit.

If you would like to find out more about my family’s experience of multigenerational living click here!



2 thoughts on “Multigenerational Living

  1. Thanks for sharing your fondness for family and multi-generational living. I think it is a concept whose time is returning here in the U.S. Unfortunately, like you said, many people are not able (or willing) to accomodate their aging parents in their home. Fortunately there is another old housing solution which is also making a return in the U.S., granny flats. The Elder Cottage that we provide through are available in the Pacific Northwest and combine the best of multi-generation and independent living

    Good luck and thanks for this opportunity to share.


    • Yes, it is a huge decision and relies a lot upon relationships as well as resources to accommodate such a lifestyle. The Elder Cottage looks like a really interesting concept- thank you for introducing it to me!


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