Designing for the Future

I would like to introduce a new project which I am now officially a member of: Designing for the Future. The project is in partnership with The Future Perfect Company and the University of Brighton. The aim of DFF is to encourage student designers to consider the challenges of ageing. To find out more click here. 

My role in the project holds the title of ‘Digital Champion’. I will be supporting the DFF and its alumni network across various social media platforms- including on here! As well as addressing digital exclusion. The project appealed to me because I think it’s important for young people to realise the implications of our ageing demographic. For me personally, I feel my future career is heading towards Business and Marketing, the 50+ market is said to be the only growing market. A market which few have mastered. So I will also be discussing the potential and problems this fascinating market holds.

I will also be looking for other Digital Champions to join me! If you feel you are interested in the issues I have raised here and feel you have skills that would benefit the project, please comment below!

I am excited to be a part of such a forward-thinking, dynamic team. Image

Follow us on Twitter @designingfuture!


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