People Skills

Everyone knows that people skills are essential for success. In my opinion, you won’t get far regardless of intelligence and finance, if you lack people skills. For three out of four of my modules this term I am involved in group projects. It is really teaching me a lot about team work and my own people skills.

I think the hardest part about working as part of a team is that you have to balance everyone’s opinions, ideas, feelings and ways of doing things. If you completely disregard the fact that everyone is different and may not always agree with you, it is unlikely you will get very far. I think another important skill to develop, is to learn to take constructive criticism without making it personal. It can get pretty messy.

Businesses that are bureaucratic and ignore the importance of ‘people’ are going to be in trouble. There are so many benefits for businesses if they can build on their own skills interacting directly with employees. It can improve your company’s level of effectiveness, efficiency and you are also likely to see a positive impact on employee motivation.

You need people skills to succeed. Not just in your career, but in life. Listening and being nice to other people doesn’t cost you anything and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two.


What do you think?

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