Tattoos and Piercings

Katie Hopkins is well known for her controversial (and often ridiculous statements) however, when discussing tattoos on This Morning back in April 2013, I’m sure some of her statements weren’t seen as that absurd. As a young adult, I feel I am part of a generation which is all about staying true to who we are and expressing ourselves. Statistics show 1 in 10 people have a tattoo or piercing. I don’t see tattoos as ‘graffiti’ as Hopkins suggests, I guess I would agree with Waissel when she describes tattoos as body art. They are personal to each person and their own story. 

But let’s talk about something even more interesting. What do employers think of tattoos? I think it would be naive of me to say that employers do not judge candidates by their physical appearance. They shouldn’t… but they do.Currently, many employers are put off by obvious tattoos and piercings- for numerous reasons! Whether it’s simple stereotyping regarding the ‘sorts of people’ who have tattoos and piercings or worrying about the company’s image. Of course it is argued that it depends which industry you’re in. If you are in a creative profession, it is much more accepted and sometimes even expected for you to have experimented with tattoos, piercings and wacky hairstyles. 

But really, how much can a tattoo, piercing or even hairstyle affect someone’s ability to do a job? Attitudes are changing and employer’s views are subtly relaxing.

Maybe in the near future, your tattoo/piercing will become of the same significance as your lipstick colour. 


Katie Hopkins and Katie Waissel on This Morning, April 2013 “Are celebrities with tattoos bad role models?”: 

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