Brand Loyalty or Laziness?

In September I started my Business Management and Marketing degree. I also previously studied Business at A Level. One of the key concepts which has been drilled into me, is that brand loyalty is one of the most important things to ensure for your business.

But what does that mean for you as a consumer? I know from personal experience that it is often easier to just buy a product which I’ve used before and know will do the job. But that doesn’t always mean that I’m using the most cost efficient product/service or even the best product/service that is out there. Smart businesses can establish strong brand loyalty in their sleep.

One particularly strong example is Apple. Just recently I purchased the iPhone 5c. I don’t have much knowledge or interest in phones. I just needed a smart phone which would ensure that I could check my emails and social networking sites on the go and obviously make calls/text and so on. The camera wasn’t particularly important, although I wanted a decent enough picture quality. I didn’t take the time to look into different phones and reviews- I’m sure that’s very easy to do! But I just didn’t see the point. I have had several iPods and use my iPad all the time. Apple feels reliable to me and their products look and feel so beautiful, I just assumed it would tick all the boxes! Of course it does and I love it. But I can’t help but think maybe I could have got a better deal or maybe even a better phone?

Brand loyalty is extremely important to businesses. Hopefully when I begin my professional career it will be something I can establish easily and effectively. But as a consumer, I do wonder whether businesses are tricking me into being lazy with my choices.


How would you define “brand laziness”? Send me your thoughts on twitter @maldrichwincer or let me know in the comments!



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