My First Term

Tomorrow evening I shall be returning home after my first term at university…Gosh,it feels like I was studying for my GCSE’s only last week!

So, how am I finding it so far? It’s been a big mixture of emotions. It’s strange to explain what university is like. Because when people ask you, they ask in the same way they would ask “how are you finding school?” or, “how is your job?”. When actually, for me, university seems to consume my whole life. It’s difficult to separate your life from university. I am enjoying it! It just feels so new. I have met so many people that I know I would have never met if I hadn’t of come to uni. Some lovely…others, not so lovely.

A beautiful thing about my age (18) is that it finally feels like the beginning of the rest of my life. My degree is a subject that I chose. My career will be my own chosen path. Although, all this new independence and responsibility is rather exhausting- and a little bit frightening! Especially with the constant reminder of all the competition we’re up against for the best opportunities out there. My flatmates and I often complain about how much there is to think about all the time. Degree work, future career, cleaning, washing, food, social life, getting the right amount of sleep….

I was explaining this feeling to a friend from home.

She laughed and said to me “Welcome to the real world, Mol”.


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