Capturing Christmas

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday. I love every single part of it. But this post isn’t about my personal connection with Christmas. Or about my family’s tradition (although I must say, it is beautiful). I will be talking a little bit about the way in which businesses capture Christmas from a marketing perspective. John Lewis and Coca Cola being particular experts in this field. We cannot forget that Coca Cola’s brand was (and still is) so strong they were able to actually change the colour of Father Christmas’ threads!

You often hear people say, “you know it’s Christmas when..” I think for me, it’s the John Lewis adverts.John Lewis have really mastered the skill of capturing Christmas in only a few minutes with their televised adverts. Always choosing a beautifully entrancing soundtrack, this year it’s Somewhere Only We Know (cover) by Lily Allen. They usually follow a short, heart melting story which can make anyone smile. Lovely.

The generic Christmas advert formula, using various combinations, is as follows:

1) Uplifting music (Michael Bublé often being a favourite).

2) The traditional colours of green and red.

3) A beautiful feast of food. 

4) A family looking extraordinarily happy and grateful for all their gifts.

5) The business product ‘subtly’ shoved in, regardless of whether it’s relevant to the previous 4 points or not.

Businesses take no shame in sucking the holiday dry of all its magic to make money. Who blames them, it means something to almost every single consumer (in the UK anyway). It’s a huge opportunity to maximise profit, as everyone endures the yearly panic of Christmas shopping.

I do have to admit that I enjoy Christmas adverts, however tedious they may be.They are an exciting reminder of my favourite time of year.

and the count down begins…

John Lewis Advert 2013:


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