Wait, let me just Instagram this.


About 4 or 5 years ago I received a camera for my birthday as I took a real interest in film making and documentaries. I loved it, I took it everywhere with me. I adored the idea of capturing every memory. It reassured me that I would never forget precious and important moments. But soon, I found myself obsessed with filming and snapping EVERYTHING. I wasn’t actually living in and enjoying the moment.

I’m seeing this pattern with sites such as Instagram. Teenagers especially, staging their hipster bedrooms and vintage cream teas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of doing this myself (find me on Instagram under @mollyyaw). I do however, feel that we may not be ‘smelling the roses’  and enjoying the experiences, we are too focused on capturing what appears to be the perfect moment. Of course there are exceptions and there is nothing wrong with being a little camera happy. It’s also difficult to avoid this to an extent, due to the ridiculously high quality cameras found on smart phones these days.

My main point is that along with looking cool on picture based social networking sites and being a little bit addicted to capturing your experiences, make sure you really enjoy and absorb the moment – whilst you’re in it.

One of my own Instagram posts (they were delicious)
One of my own Instagram posts (they were delicious)



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