IN: Tumblr Feminism

“I have been passionate about women’s rights even before I knew the meaning of the words feminism and gender roles. On the 8th March 2015, we celebrate International Women’s Day. I would argue that women deserve more than one day to challenge the inequality that they are still battling on a day to day basis, simply because of their gender- but that’s a different story for another day.

Just under a year ago I ventured into the world of Tumblr. I never thought it would be something that would appeal to me. However, I was soon sucked in by the thousands of fascinating and, I must say, educational posts and pictures it had to offer. Topics ranging from institutional racism to cats… Tumblr features a LOT of cat content! Women’s rights and equality are also very popular issues with a huge vocal support network. There is a lot of signal boosting surrounding women’s rights and history, safety for women and the journey towards equality.

For me personally, Tumblr was like entering a world which is all about supporting each other. Anyone that tries to impose sexist views will soon be tackled by the huge feminist community that will take no nonsense. It is a platform which often highlights things that mainstream media misses or doesn’t make a big enough noise about such as Taylor Swift challenging the sexist music industry. I believe for many people it is a way of connecting with others who feel just as strongly about women’s rights- some posts getting hundreds of thousands of likes and reblogs. This indicates to me that people are really starting to listen and speak up about these issues. Tumblr also often highlights the individuals that can be left out of “mainstream feminism”, which is really important.

Of course Tumblr isn’t perfect. It reflects the conflicting ideas surrounding what equality means and the definition of feminism. There are disputes about the various issues surrounding women’s rights. But it’s always worth reading and trying to understand different ideas. However frustrating, it is useful for the ‘real world’ and conversations with challenging people.

I have before mentioned the importance of recognising progress – we can often be pessimistic and forget that. Women’s rights and their position in society has improved significantly in the past century because of activists like the Suffragettes. We must not forget the sacrifices figures in the past have made for this progress. I’m sure that International Women’s Day will receive a lot of attention on Tumblr and also hopefully in the media in general. We have a long way to go before we achieve total equality for women, but I think we are on our way.”


What do you think?

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